Remembering Cheryl

Celebration of Life

There will be a Celebration of Life Ceremony on Saturday,  Feb. 3, at 11 am at Peace Lutheran Church on McGregor Boulevard in Fort Myers.


Memory Sticker

Soccer league honors Cheryl

There will be a brief ceremony on Sunday at Lions Park during the Fort Myers Women's Soccer League games. Cheryl played on the Whitecaps as goalie.

Whitecap team members will be wearing stickers (like the image to the left) on their jerseys as will players from other teams. There will be a moment of silence before the game starts and then a ceremony at 10 am. Everyone is invited.

Ways to remember & honor Cheryl

Cheryl's friends and family plan to donate benches to the soccer league that have a plaque remembering Cheryl. Her name will forever be engraved on the benches that serve the teams she loved. We are also setting up a scholarship fund in her name.

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out the form and we will email you the details of how to contribute.

About Cheryl


Amazing Athlete

Cheryl played goalie for the Whitecaps in the Fort Myers City League and the Wildcats in Bonita Springs as well as several other teams throughout the years. She was an avid boxer and enjoyed Triathlons, especially with friends.

Devoted Friend

When a group of women began playing soccer together years ago, they didn't realize they'd make some of the best friends of their lives. Cheryl was part of a caring soccer family that enjoyed being with each other on and off the field. Cheryl always put her friends before herself.

Loving Daughter

If you knew Cheryl, it's likely you know her mother. You probably know all about her dad as well. Cheryl loved her father very much and helped her mother as caregiver until his passing. She deeply loved her family and spoke with her mother, Trish, every day.

Cheryl Touched So Many

Cheryl participated in a triathlon with a couple of her friends. They trained together and encouraged each other. Cheryl asked Renee if she needed a good bicycle for the riding portion. Renee accepted the offer and then noticed during the race that Cheryl was pounding the peddals on a beach bike. Renee suggested Cheryl use her own better bike for the race but Cheryl said she wanted Renee to have the better bike.

We share that story because that's who Cheryl was — a person who always put others first. No matter what it was, if Cheryl could make something easier or better for you, she would do it even if it was at her own expense.

She visited friends in the hospital, listened when you needed to talk and was there when you just needed a distraction. She seemed to know what you needed. When they describe a kind-hearted person as someone who "give you the shirt off your back," that's an understatement for Cheryl.

Cheryl touched so many lives. She showed such kindness and compassion to friends and family. She was patient with everyone yet demanded the most of herself. She made many lives better. Many of us are better people for knowing her.


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Cheryl was an avid athlete, devoted friend and loving family member. Share how she touched your life and read stories from others.